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Traditional industries need to pass on, KINGYAO with you 

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KINGYAO Electromechanical 30years of technology and experience inheritance, 

professional attitudeto maximize the efficiency of the most conciseprocessing speed,

the traditional lathe, CNC  lathe Repair is the main KINGYAO electromechanical services, 

there are any problems welcome to inquire. 

If you Interested in used machine, 

you can call an appointment to visit the used machine warehouse, 

Hope to help you find the most suitable lathe.

CNC Computer tool assembly, maintenance, renovation and distribution, 

regardless of thetraditional lathes or CNC lathes from theformation, maintenance, 

after-sales service, tothe process parameters of the adjustment andtechnical guidance,

KINGYAO Mechanical andelectrical all uphold for the customer to do themost complete service and technical support.

KINGYAO electromechanical engaged in the oldmachine set new, 

add Mitsubishi or FANUC-CNC computer system, the traditional lathe upgradecomputer CNC lathe business; 

sell a variety ofmedieval traditional machine and CNC machine, 

the medieval machine is interested in the call tovisit the medieval machine warehouse,

hoping tohelp you find the most suitable models. 

KINGYAO Mechanical and electrical sale of the machine togive customers a good after-sales service.