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★Used Machinery Trading 

★Old machine repair service 

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so please call to make an appointment to visit the Middle Ages warehouse to visit and buy!

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Product (3)

●Distribution - KINWA LATHE

Used Lathe (11)

●Lathe trading
● Valuation acquisition
●Traditional lathes and CNC lathes
● after-sales service: computer program setting, machine use guidance and processing technology guidance

Old machine refurbishment (3)

● Valuation of old machine repair costs (not limited to brand and model)
● The increase of warranty period for warranty period (please put forward in the negotiation)
● The whole machine is pulled back into the warehouse for renovation (additional freight)
● If the internal parts are found damaged during repair, a second quotation will be made (you can choose to replace or not replace this part)

To factory maintenance

● Maintenance engineer to factory maintenance lathe
● Online or telephone consultation and estimate maintenance price
● If you need to make a major repair will be upgraded to the entire machine refurbishment offer
● Electronic parts sales also have overseas delivery services (extra charge: customs fees and freight)
● Accept overseas customer maintenance inquiry, unlimited overseas service area (additional charge: transportation accommodation, wages according to the number of working days)